Triathlons are one of the most intense sporting events an athlete can participate in. Nutrition can make or break your event and can prove vital to making the most out of your training. Nutrition should be considered as the fourth discipline of a triathlon, so if you’re training for one, you should tailor your nutrition to your advantage so your body is in the best shape it can possibly be for your event. You can do this with the help of nutritional supplements. If you’re training for a triathlon, continue reading our helpful guide to discover the best endurance supplements for triathletes.


For recovery after exercise, it’s key to ensure you’re consuming enough protein in your diet. Protein provides the building blocks for muscle repair and adaptation after training and also enhances muscle glycogen replenishment. Most of the time, protein intake is associated with resistance training, but what should the protein intake following endurance training be? For endurance athletes, its suggested protein of 0.3g/kg (~20-40g depending on your body weight) per meal would provide around ~1.2-2.0g per kg of body weight per day which has been shown to optimally benefit endurance athletes.

If you are struggling to consume enough protein through your meals, you can supplement after training with our REGO Rapid Recovery powder which is a blend of protein, carbohydrate and electrolytes to promote muscle recovery whilst also aiding glycogen replenishment and hydration. 


Another type of sports supplement you should be taking when preparing for a triathlon is Branch-chain amino acids, shortened to BCAA’s. Amino acids are the building blocks for protein, there are essential amino acids which our bodies cannot produce, and non-essential amino acids which our bodies can produce. So for those essential amino acids our bodies can’t produce naturally we can supplement with BCAAs! BCAA supplements can come in powder or tablet form.

BCAAs help the body with recovery, signs of fatigue and combating lactic acid build-up. As a result, taking BCAAs, either as a powder – like BCAA Perform Powder – or tablet helps your body get back into its best shape quicker. Let’s face it, that’s exactly what you need when it comes to race day. Our BCAA powder contains B-vitamins, which help to support the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

BCAAs can be taken during and after workouts to give you a boost during your training programme.


As well as protein powder and BCAA tablets, there are other supplements you can take to keep your body in its best possible shape, such as CLA capsules. Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) is a fatty acid with numerous health benefits, but is widely known for its body composition and weight loss effects. 

Studies have shown that taking CLA capsules can lead to ‘moderate body fat loss’, which is ideal for staying lean and agile, helping you achieve your best levels of performance.

If you’re looking for a sports supplement that battles fatigue and tiredness, as well as aiding recovery after workout, try ZMA capsules. With triathlons putting such a demand on the body, ZMA capsules’ ability to aid recovery and tiredness makes them a must-have supplement during your training. They’re a powerful patented formula containing Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6.

ZMA has a reputation for improving strength, endurance, recovery and sleep. Rest is just as important as training to give your body enough downtime to fully recuperate and repair tired muscles. ZMA helps with this integral stage of your training for a triathlon, helping you get back to your best performance levels quicker.

During both training and race day, you’ll need to ensure your body retains its high level of performance and energy. Carbohydrate based food or supplements should be used to maintain blood glucose and prevent fatigue, we have lots of great options available at Science in Sport, for example our Go Isotonic Energy Gels provide an on-the-go convenient energy source. Isotonic means they don’t need to be consumed with water and they’re fast-absorbing, easily digestible and with 22g of carbohydrates.


Science in Sport is a world-leading performance nutrition brand that combines world class knowledge and scientific formulations to provide optimal performance solutions across the nutritional needs states of energy, hydration, and recovery.

Through our world-leading research and innovation from the performance solutions team, we formulate evidence-based products that truly impact performance. We have a stunning range of products including energy gelselectrolyte powders, immune supplements that aid performance, as well as bottles & shakers.


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